Regione del Veneto - ENSA


Veneto Region

The Veneto Region, the Coordinator, is the public body responsible for minors' care. It is in charge of the definition of policies, the decision-making, the care, the protection, and the well-being of minors. The Region is committed to fighting human trafficking through the N.A.Ve project (Network Antitratta per il Veneto), one of the 21 Italian anti-trafficking networks, coordinated by the Municipality of Venice and through the Italian helpline against Human Trafficking managed since 2000.


Maria Carla Midena

Federica Irene Molinaro


ENSA European network of Social Authorities has the aim to promote international cooperation in the social field particularly in five subject areas of intervention each lead by a different Local Authority: elderly, youth and Family, child issues, disability and social inclusion. In this project, the ENSA will work jointly with the Veneto Region who is the general coordinator of the network.


Elena Curtopassi

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